Each Clinic we award Most Improved Rider and Fastest Time. Congratulations to our winners! 


Congratulations to our Most Improved and Fastest Time Riders! 


Tin Top 2 Event Center  Orange, Texas
Most Improved: Sadie Howell
Fastest Time: Brooke Mitchell 
Rim Rock Riders Arena Powell Butte, Oregon

Most Improved: Braeden

Fastest Time: Karen Mitchell
Rolling Hills Equestrian Center, Corning, California Clinic

Most Improved: Erynn Doherty

Fastest Time: Adriene Steffen

Quebec Equestre du Printemps Expo & Clinic
Most Improved: Michele Tardiff

Fastest Time: Manon D'Amours


2016 Clinics Most Improved Fastest Time
Ogden, UT    
Winona, MN Katie Ferrel Casey V
Redmond, OR Annette K. Lysa L.
Ponoka, AB   Kaycee B.
Memphis, TN Samantha S Amber B
Albuquerque, NM    
Eloy, AZ   Raney Pate



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