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Charmayne and Cruiser at the NFR

Charmayne on Cruiser 1999 NFR

Clayton as a Colt

#1 Charmayne James on Cruiser

Charmayne and Scamper World Championship Win
1990 NFR
Charmayne and Scamper

Charmayne and Scamper

Charmayne and Scamper Cheyenne Rodeo

Charmayne and Creamer

Charmayne and Scamper Bridleless


From our Graduates

"I just wanted to tell Charmayne and staff thank you so much for providing me with so much needed informing. This clinic was the best and it was desperately needed. My horse had issues again Wednesday night in the alley but I know in time we will conquer this. Thanks so much for your time and expertise this was amazing to say the least. I have always admired Charmayne and her accomplishments as a barrel racer but she is so much more than a barrel racer. She's an amazing person."  Lisa H. (Ogden, Utah Clinic) 

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